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Agile is the future of project management. Many companies are adopting agile methodologies to increase group performance and improve customer satisfaction. The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) is the newest certification offered by PMI and is expected to become the industry standard certification for agile over the next few years. In addition to preparing you for the PMI-ACP® exam, this course is designed to teach you the principals and practices of agile including Scrum and its methodologies.

The PMI-ACP® carries a high level of professional standing and credibility as it requires the combination of Agile education, experience and examination. If you use Agile practices in your projects, or your organization is adopting Agile approaches to project management, this 3 day classroom training session and the PMI-ACP® certification may be right for you. The PMI-ACP® recognizes knowledge of Agile principles, practices and techniques across Agile methodologies.

This 3 day session targets new and seasoned Agile practitioners to explore what it takes to successfully apply Agile methods to their teams, projects and programs. In addition to providing the full spectrum of Agile principles, practices and techniques, this material is designed to cover all the areas needed to successfully pass the PMI-ACP® Exam.

For complete details regarding the PMI-ACP® please view the PMI-ACP Handbook for further details.

PMI-ACP, PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Value of PMI-ACP Certification

The value of becoming certified as a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner far exceeds the time spent accumulating experience and studying for the PMI-ACP exam. PMI-ACP certification is a true mark of professionalism in the world of project management, and it is a highly valuable credential to have.

PMI-ACP certification is one of the few types of PMI certifications that actually demonstrates your ability to cross project development methodologies. Agile training uses everything from the Scrum method and XP to Lean and Kanban. This greatly increases your value as a project management professional, as you will be very versatile to many different kinds of companies. Also, because you need many hours of extensive experience under your belt in order to become PMI-ACP certified, this tells employers, as well as your industry peers, that you have the knowledge and experience to get the job done exceptionally well. Passing the comprehensive PMI-ACP exam tells your professional community that you are a very valuable member of the agile project management field.

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